Lenten Rose

Hellebores’ common name is lenten rose because the flowers will start to bloom in early spring, around the time of the Christian season of Lent. Hellebores typically offer color in the garden through April and into May. They combine attractive evergreen foliage with beautiful spring blossoms of pink, burgundy, red, purple, white, and green that last for weeks. It grows in shade and the deer do not eat it.

Why Should You Plant Hellebores?

  • Long flowering time. Nice selection of color and forms.
  • Opens the spring season with cheerful color!
  • Extreme garden vigor. Easy care.
  • America’s #1 Deer Proof Shade Plant!
  • Thrives in heavy clay or sand.
  • Covers a broad hardiness zone from 4-9. Ohio is zone 5 to 6.
  • Evergreen foliage is an excellent groundcover.

Hope Timber Garden Center Helleborus Winter Thriller
The Winter Thrillerâ„¢ Series is an exciting new collection that produces highly vigorous plants with giant 3-4″ perfectly rounded flowers in pure color strains. This is truly one of the best deer proof plants for the shade gardens. Hand pollinated seed strains come in a wide variety of colors and boast double and single flowering forms. A must have!

Hope Timber Garden Center Helleborus Ivory Prince
Helleborus Ivory Princeâ„¢ is an outstanding Hellebores selection bred by British plantsman David Tristram. This plant forms a sturdy mound of leathery evergreen leaves, veined in silver. It has a mid-spring display of reddish-pink buds that open into creamy-white flowers.

Lenten Rose – Hope Timber Garden Center | Newark OH
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