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Perennials are flowers that last for more than two years and get bigger and better each year they bloom. There are different types of perennials, but the basic structure of them are the same. The flowers on a perennial often die in the colder months, but many perennials will still keep their leaves. Perennials won’t…

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Lenten Rose

Hellebores’ common name is lenten rose because the flowers will start to bloom in early spring, around the time of the Christian season of Lent. Hellebores typically offer color in the garden through April and into May. They combine attractive evergreen foliage with beautiful spring blossoms of pink, burgundy, red, purple, white, and green that…

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Pruning Knockout Roses Prune roses in spring, never in the fall. When the forsythia blooms yellow, it’s time to prune the roses. No forsythia in the neighborhood? In that case, when you see new sprouts on the rose stems, get out the pruners. Make sure to wear thick gloves to avoid the sharp thorns. You…

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