Hope Timber Garden Center

Hope Timber is a group of family-owned and -managed companies founded in 1995. Located in Licking County, we serve all of central Ohio.

Hope Timber grew from a small firewood company, branching out into new and used pallets, colored mulch, wood recycling, and a retail garden center.

Hope Timber’s goal is to provide quality products, dependable service, and customer satisfaction, while keeping clean and re-usable wood out of landfills. Hope Timber is a Class 4 Recycling Facility. 100% of the wood we take in is recycled as pallet repair material, landscape mulch, or leaf compost.  Our full-circle recycling business helps you go green!

Hope Timber Garden Center sells our own recycled mulch – that is color-enhanced to keep a vibrant look all season – in bulk and in bags. This product is complemented with an entire line of natural bark mulches to fit the taste of all gardeners. We also carry topsoil, stone, a colorful array of plants, fertilizers, and much, much more.

We’re very proud of our garden center’s friendly service, helping you to make beautiful choices for your lawn and gardens.