Using Colored Mulch

Colored mulch is enhanced with a food-grade dye that is safe for children, pets, and the environment. Colored mulch retains its vivid colors much longer than traditional mulch.

Beautifying Your Home’s Appearance Using Colored Mulch Is Easy!

Colored-Mulch1. Spray beds for weeds ― One to two weeks before mulching.

2. Unload mulch — Store it on grass or bare earth while preparing beds. If storing on concrete, place mulch on a tarp to prevent any discoloring.

3. Clean out beds — Loosen old, compacted mulch with a rake (or remove if desired); clear out any leaves, twigs, etc.

4. Spread mulch ― Spread the mulch evenly and to a depth of two to four inches. It should slope away from structures for proper water runoff. Do not let the mulch build up around tree trunks; allow air circulation to the bark.

5. Avoid water — When applying colored mulch, allow it to dry, avoiding exposure to sprinklers or rain for an initial 24 to 48 hours; if it does rain prior to the mulch drying, rake the surface of the bed to even out the color intensity.

6. Clean off pavement (if necessary) — If the colorant gets on pavement or other finished surfaces, simply use a hose or pressure washer to remove it.

7. Maintenance ― After a few weeks, check the mulch for compaction; if needed, use a rake to loosen it up. This helps prevent fungal growth and improves plant hydration by allowing air and water to pass through. A couple of inches of fresh mulch should be applied annually to brighten your landscape. When the mulch gets thicker than four or five inches, water and fertilizer have a harder time getting to plant roots. Clean out part or all of the mulch and start anew.

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