Landscaping Stones

At Hope Timber Garden Center we have natural stone for landscape walls, pathways, and patios. Whether you’re looking to do a simple garden path or a complex patio with sitting walls, we have material by the piece and by the ton. Creative stonework enhances a home in so many ways. Browse our displays for inspiration for your project.

Newark Ohio landscape Stone, Gravel, Bolders

Wall Stone, Steppers, and Flagging
Extensive variety of limestone, sandstone, slate, and more by the piece or by the ton.

Boulders, Barn Stone, Natural Steps, and Slabs
Design a meandering pathway through your garden, place steps into a hillside, build a patio for your grill, put a wall around a landscape bed… hardscape projects are endless and add natural beauty.

Gravel has several different uses which include driveways, walking paths, as decorative mulch, for drainage, to keep mud under control, and more. Hope Timber offers many types of gravel in bags and in bulk by the cubic yard.

*Stones are sold by piece or by ton.

Bulk Rock

  • #8 Limestone
  • #57 Limestone
  • Limestone Screenings
  • #411 Limestone
  • Pea Gravel
  • River Rock
  • Oversized River Rock
  • Sand
  • Crushed #57 Red Brick

Bagged Rock

  • Multipurpose Limestone
  • Paver Base
  • Playsand
  • Pea Gravel
  • River Rock (3/4″ Cobble)
  • River Cobble (1 3/4″ cobble)
  • Red Lava
  • Black Lava
  • Tan Silica

deliveryNeed stone delivered?

Hope Timber Garden CenterWe deliver bulk and bagged stone – Call us at 740-522-6558