Recycled Yard Waste

recycled yard waste

Companies and homeowners can use our facility to drop off yard waste and scrap wood. We take the waste, grind it, age it, and turn it back into a useful product. We recycle over 35 million pounds of yard waste, pallets, and scrap wood every year. Help us recycle by bringing your yard waste to Hope Timber Garden & Vintage rather than a landfill. There is a minimal charge of $5-$20 depending on the size of the load. Tree companies may want to inquire about our annual fee.

Material accepted includes leaves, branches, logs (any part of a tree except the stump), scrap wood (not treated or painted), pallets, wood boxes/crates, grass clippings, old mulch, yard waste in paper lawn bags. Logs should not be longer than 8′ and wider than 20″ in diameter.

Materials we do not accept: Building materials, painted or treated wood, dirt, rock, concrete, plastic, metal, railroad ties, root balls or trash.