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Newark Ohio Bagged and Bulk Mulch Supplier Hope Timber

At Hope Timber Garden Center, we sell mulch by the bag and in bulk. We carry a wide variety so there is something for every taste and application. All of our mulch is earth-friendly, biodegradable, and child, pet, and plant safe.

We offer color-enhanced recycled wood mulch for those gardeners and landscapers who want to go “green”. Made from reclaimed clean hardwood that is ground, screened, and dyed, the color stays vibrant all season long. Double Black, Triple Black and Forest Brown mulch is available in bulk and in bags. Hope Timber also carries brick red hardwood, natural double and triple hardwood, cypress, and pine bark in 2 cubic foot bags.

BULK MULCH – Economical truckloads by the cubic yard

  • Colored-Enhanced Mulch: Double Black and Forest Brown
  • Premium Color-Enhanced Hardwood Bark: Triple Black
  • Economy Hardwood
  • Natural Double Hardwood
  • Natural Triple Hardwood
  • Playground Chips: Virgin Hardwood, IPEMA certified
  • Pine Mulch Soil Conditioner

BAGGED MULCH – Convenient bags that are neat and easy to take home

  • Colored-Enhanced Mulch: Double Black, Brick Red, Forest Brown
  • Premium Color-Enhanced Hardwood Bark: Triple Black
  • Natural Double Hardwood
  • Natural Triple Hardwood
  • Cypress
  • Pine Bark Nuggets, Minis, and Mulch
  • Pine Straw Bales

All of Our Mulches:

  • Compost Naturally
  • Are Organic Material
  • Conserve Moisture in the Soil
  • Minimize Soil Erosion and Compaction
  • Help Maintain Soil Temperature Consistency
  • Help Control Weeds
  • Enhance the Look of the Landscape

Newark Ohio Bagged and Bulk Mulch Supplier
If you are about to start a landscaping project and are not sure how much mulch you will need, no worries. Tell us the length and width of your beds and we’ll do the math for you to determine the number of bags or cubic yards you’ll need.

Our friendly staff is always willing to answer any question that you have, so come in or call and let us help you get ready to begin your landscaping project!

Use the mulch calculator on this page to estimate mulch amounts on your own!

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