Landscaping Supplies

Looking for landscaping supplies to help you beautify your yard? Hope Timber Garden Center, located in Newark Ohio, has everything you need to do just that. We carry landscaping mulch, rocks and stones, and much more for all your projects.

Landscaping Mulch

We carry landscaping mulch in bags and by the truckload, and we can deliver either right to your door. Our landscaping mulch comes in several colors, or if you would rather, we have no-color-added mulches as well. Some of the colors we carry include Midnight Black, Brick Red, and Forest Brown. Our non-color mulches come in hardwood, cedar, cypress, and pine bark. Whatever your landscaping mulch needs, Hope Timber has got you covered!

Our mulches:

  • Compost Naturally
  • Help Control Weeds
  • Conserve Moisture in the Soil
  • Are Made of Organic Material
  • Enhance the Look of the Landscape
  • Minimize Soil Erosion and Compaction
  • Help Maintain Soil Temperature Consistency
Landscaping Supplies

Landscaping Rocks and Stones


When people think of landscaping supplies, mulch is usually the first thing they think of, but another way to make your yard look absolutely amazing is by adding landscaping rocks or landscaping stones. Whether you want to build stepping stones or a patio or just line your landscaping bed with a stone wall, we have all the landscaping rocks and stones you’ll need. We carry limestone, sandstone, slate, and more. Landscaping rocks like these are perfect for creating a beautiful waterfall effect in your yard. Our landscaping rocks and stones can be bought by the bag or in bulk, and as with the mulch, we can deliver both right to your door.

The ideas you can come up with for landscaping your yard are endless. If you can imagine it, we have the landscaping supplies to help you build it. If you’re ready to set up a delivery or you have any questions, give us a call at (740) 522-6558.

Landscaping Supplies – Hope Timber Garden Center | Newark OH
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