Bulk Garden Mulch

Bulk Garden Mulch Hope Timber Garden Center Newark Ohio
Ready to make your plant garden look nice? Or make a play pace for your kids? Or beautify your flowers? Or line your walkway? All of these projects can be done by using bulk garden mulch from Hope Timber Garden Center in Newark Ohio. We have several different types and colors of mulch available, so no matter what you want to use it for, we’ve got what you need.

Plant and Flower Gardens

Some people prefer to have strictly plant gardens or strictly flower gardens, while others prefer to have a mix of both. Whatever your style is, we’ve got bulk garden mulch to make it look stunning. You can put leave your plants in pots and build the mulch up around them to make them look nice, or you can simply plant them straight into the ground and use the bulk garden mulch to help them grow and thrive.

Play Areas

If you have kids, chances are high that you’ve been to a playground and seen that they separate the playground area with mulch. Our bulk garden mulch is perfect for doing this exact same thing at your home. Placing mulch around play areas can help keep mud from getting tracked everywhere after a rainfall, and it prevents “foot traffic” paths from forming as they do when you travel the same path over and over. This ensures that your yard always looks its best.


Walkways are a common place for weeds to pop up, but you can stop this by lining your sidewalks with bulk garden mulch. You can make a slim path on each side or you can widen it and put in some shrubs or flowers to add a little extra flair.

No matter what you decide to use your bulk garden mulch for, Hope Timber Garden Center in Newark Ohio has everything you need to make it look amazing.

Bulk Garden Mulch – Hope Timber Garden Center | Newark OH
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